Positions where Fred brings value :

  • Higher Education - Administrative or Assistant Director's Roles
  • Government Administration & Staff Roles
  • NGO, Nonprofit, Govt Contracting, PPP
  • Training & Presenting, Teaching
  • Research Roles & lobbying support
  • Project & policy implementation, evaluation, reform
  • Culture or organizational behavior change

Higher Education :

  • Provost, Assistant  provost
  • ​Assistant director
  • Admissions management and support, 
  • Student Recruiting,  
  • Student success
  • Academic Advisor, 
  • Student accountability & standards
  • ​Omsbudsman
  • Greek life and property mgt, 
  • Career Services, alumni career services
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Experiential Education & Co-op,  Student Services, Community-University relations
  • Employer Relations, Internship management
  • ​Research Associate

Adjunct or Instructor, Training Roles

  • (Political Science, Public Administration, Organizational Studies, Leadership, Government or political history, cultural studies, Ethics in administration, Education administration, History, undergraduate econ & sociology, social theory, budgeting, lower level business, policy studies, leadership, education, teaching, negotiation, problem solving, protocol, process...) 

Research roles Institutional, think-tank, Policy & Operational development

  • Implementation roles, 
  • Program Evaluation roles, 
  • Policy Adjustment and Reform,
  • Regulatory and Change roles

Non-profit organization management, staff, director & assistant director roles

Government, NGO, or PPP roles

  • Federal Government
  • State Government 
  • Regional Government or Non Government Organization, Public Private Partnerships
  • County Government
  • Local Government and Agencies

Analyst - Policy advisor - policy research - 
                Implementation and evaluation 
                                          program or policy adjustment
      Budget Director
            City management
                    Economic Development
                           Government relations

 Consulting and project implementation roles

Public administration(PA)  is to business administration, as macro is to micro economics. PA is concerned with: implementation, governance (rules, regulations, boundaries, authority, restriction, freedom, range, extent, order, routine, protocol, procedure, rational process, order, expectations...), evaluation, reform, & regulating. 

Governanceis a concept, bigger than "thegovernment";. describes the frameworks that bound our actions.

Public Administration  studies administration of the social experience with  governance. Much of our experience with governance involves bureaucracy. Governanceisalso communicated through policy and institutional factors - values, culture, groups, beliefs & fears, & social constructions -laws, regulations, requirements, demands, credentials, media, customs, etc. Psychological factors & physical realities also create boundaries  comprising governance effects. 

 Public administrators manage (Perry, 1989):

1. Maintaining constitutional order

2. Achieving technical competence

3. Coping with public expectations

4. Managing complexity

5. Ethical behavior.

Public administration (PA) is about governance & administration, (Fesler, 1980)the social contract between the governed and the governments,(Henry,2010), responsible administration without tyranny(Kettl & Fessler, 2009).

What is Public Administration?

Fred Cosgrovehas a Doctorate (abd)in Public Administration,a discipline of  public management, innovation, organizational development, decision making & evaluation, policy implementation & evaluation, governance, financial concern & budgeting, service marketing, and perception management.