Competition to be heard is greater now than ever, because more devices, messages, and programmers seek our time. It is tough. More choices and directions occupy and compete for our attention, than ever.  Fred seeks to reach someone,  impress them sufficiently to refer him to a conversation that leads to an interview.   Necessity spawns invention & innovation. 

What has Fred done to warrant an interview?

Consistent work requirements:

Fred performed these throughout his career

  • Presenting & Educating
  • ​Listening and Learning
  • Communication (clarity & regularly scheduled) 
  • Self motivation & independent effort toward efforts
  • Collaboration and cooperation, team-building and relationship maintenance
  • Creativity, innovation, quick thinking / thinking on his feet
  • ​Exercising competent judgment (responsibly & with integrity)
  • research and data managing/synthesis, re-education
  • Supervising & evaluating, coaching & training
  • ​Managing requests & time
  • interpreting governance, boundaries, options & restrictions

Resilient. Competent, Enthusiastic. Collaborative. Persistent. Is being enthusiastic, willing, flexible, creative, innovative, and motivated to tackle challenges and competently craft solutions within a framework enough to warrant an interview today?  

If someone is selecting staff, wrestling with a problem, or hiring - they should interview Fred,he possesses these qualities that often prove useful in tackling these types of challenges. 


Look at the pages comprising this website. Do any of these items trigger your desire to know more about Fred and how his abilities might benefit you, your organization, or someone you know?

Fred's Practical experience: work activities.Resumes and promotions are written in words that become cliche's or used so often that they lose their meaning. Here are descriptions of some of those terms, in Fred's world.

Develop opportunities - Prospect, establish service opportunities & relationships

Service Clients - Question & listen to determine client's or prospect's needs - elicit details to determine their circumstances and blueprint solutions for proposal. Interpret financials, tax returns, contracts, operating agreements, income, credit, collection and debt documents. Educate client and influencers.

  • How will the positions and restrictions identified in these combinations of documents align with the boundaries created by the market, programs, and restrictions?
  • What adjustments or representations can be made?

Adjust efforts within forecasted budget and available resources.

Reassure, reassess, & reinforce program, timeline, issues, and requirements with clients throughout process.

Manage regulator,boundary & governance requirements - Forecast for efforts necessary for compliance. Adjust operations and reporting to accommodate these requirements.

Manage & Educate (train) Staff - Communicate forecasting and adjustment determinations to staff and ensure cohesion and collaborative support efforts.

Build and maintain collaborative & cooperative relationships -

  • Communicate with staff, service providers, client referrals, all other stakeholders in support of the client's objectives, time schedule, and requirements.
  • Confirm their cooperation (collaboration as needed). Assemble task based coalition. Ensure schedule compliance for all tasks & participation. Serve (and lead). Manage expectations and objections.

Achieve objectives within limited timeframe, forecasted, & budgeted cooperation & resources. 

Generate income and meet budgeted demands.

Research - seek information and structure scientific inquiry, utilizing quantitative and qualitative data and investigation efforts.

Summarize, condense, & package resulting findings from data and investigation

Present research findings; collaborate with involved parties in response to research findings. 

Investigation and verification - required exercises throughout these processes.

Communication & Presentation - required abilities & efforts throughout these processes. 

Traits required through out this process

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Discretion
  • Diligence
  • Tenacity & Perseverance
  • Flexibility & Agility - Quick thinking & Strong judgment
  • Attention
  • Self motivation & Independence
  • Discipline
  • Enthusiasm, Energy, and Sense of Humor

 Fred welcomes the opportunity to talk about your expectations or the needs of an organization.  It probably provides him an opportunity to describe what he can offer.

What has FRED done?     He got you here!   Click the "Fred's history" subpage for more work history.