Reaching Students

Engaging Student attention is much like engaging audience attention.  Teachers in schools are rarely compensated as a result of how effectively they engage their audience of students.  Fred was only compensated if he successfully engaged his audiences. 

Formula for Attention 

Lively , relevant, and honest. Fred successfully engaged adults in audiences from an individual to more than one thousand participants. In graduate presentations and sessions on campus, Fred successfully engaged millennials, non-traditional students, and even instructors.  The presentation must be lively - reasonably smooth, relevant to the audience's interests and purpose for attending, and uphold the claims and promises made in securing the audience. The formula works in presenting CE, building interest for personalized presentations following a general presentation, and presenting academic material, such as course material or lectures.

Traditional aged students are especially sensitive to stimulation or the lack of stimulation, thus the need to be stimulating, captivating, and uphold the objectives announced for the talk.  Most audiences respond to these three characteristics. Fred successfully engaged college students, just as he engaged a wide range of adult audiences in private organization presentations. 

Technology in the classroom and  instruction

Education is a complicated and comprehensive subject. Teaching facilitates and inspires learning. Effective teaching requires recognizing that people learn differently; are subject to different boundaries, circumstances,values, & motivations; respond to education in different ways. A teacher identifies expectations; works diligently and effectively to engage students in meeting those expecations. Teachers, instill desire for education & direct students to the resources that support learning.  A teacher must be accessible, supportive, and beneficial to their students.  

Engaging millennials and diverse populations in learning

"I find myself growing defensive when asked about my teaching experience. I find myself this way, because often the person questioning me has a pre-determined bias or perspective - which may be theirsbut may not be accuratewhen considered through other perspectives." 

What is Fred's teaching experience?

 Training in the Army is very much like technical training.

  • A task is introduced.
  • The efforts required to accomplish the task are taught.
  • The student  is tested and the degree of mastery is measured through a test or a demonstration of mastery.
  • The teaching & testing process is repeated until the student demonstrates mastery of the material.

​Fred was engaged in training enlisted and  commissioned personnel in his earliest assignments in the 5503rd USAH.

Fred trained newly recruited production staff in establishing attention ; gaining and cultivating interest; completing applications & performing financial calculations using an HP 12C; building and maintaining rapport in interviews and in the follow -up processes; the process for obtaining desired program approval and acceptance; methods for delivering superior customer service & for helping clientele recognize and express their recognition of that service level. Training and teaching mean and describe the same efforts and lead to the same results in this description. 

Fred coached, modeled, and guided job seekers in how to use the telephone in their job search; this action was teaching.

Sitting across from a client; defining terms, describing actions & explaining a process to a small group, and having them effectively understand those elements, is teaching. 

Fred was certified by the state of Oregon to teach a Continuing Education course. 

Presentations and seminars are teaching exercises.

Lectures made to students during  graduate school are teaching.

Powerpoints and outlines