• Successful employment of interpersonal, soft, organizational and technical software & technology skills.
  • Increasing organizational responsibility.
  • Completion of Master's degree and pending dissertation completion for Ph.D. in Public Administration

717 Stonecastle Place., Nolensville,TN 37135 (615) 545-9621    Email:FredCosgrove@gmail.com

Doctorate (2016 - ABD -anticipated), Public Administration, TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY, Nashville, TN 3.49 GPA Doctoral Dissertation – Student Persistence and administrative behavior 
Master of Education, Higher Education Administration, 2010, MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY, Murfreesboro, TN 4.0 GPA
Bachelor of Arts, Economics, 1990, University of Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO.

Professional Educational Experience

TENNESSEE BOARD of REGENTS, Nashville, TN, Jan 2011-June 2011
(Supervisory entity for Tennessee’s State Colleges, Community Colleges, and Technical Centers.)
Office of Access and DiversityContract position coordinated with Public Administration Ph.D. Program.- Researching & reviewing policy initiatives, campus access and diversity, retention efforts.

  • Hispanic Best Practices and initiatives (Retention and attraction)Reports and status
  • National Survey of Community College Admissions
  • Review of T.B.R. School and Campus Diversity Reports and Plans
  • Faculty and tenure diversity hiring trends.
  • Student support measures.

Middle Tennessee State University, May 2009 – May 2010
Intercultural and Diversity Affairs -  focused on Retention and Student Success

  • Analyzed and identified successful characteristics and practices of college bridge programs - researching   various campuses nationally.
  • Developed policies used in restructuring retention and summer bridge programs.

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership -  Improve student involvement

  • Designed, developed, prepared, and edited content; utilizing desktop publishing and web page software. Shifted publication from print to internet, realizing greater efficiency and distribution, cost reduction, and delivering cohesive visual image and tone.
  • Assessed existing and past efforts; Identified need and Restructured seasonal newsletter as an online publication, with template for creating new editions and creating new content regularly and easily. Reduced a weeks long process to minutes.
  • Collaborated with Associate Dean, department leadership, and staff for universal adoption of format and publication style and appearance.

Experiential Learning Program (EXL) - Intern (Efforts to improve student experience)

  • Developed experiential learning inventory rubrics, course descriptions, and increased experiential course offerings in existing courses increasing income without requiring additional resources.
  • Increased awareness and participation among departments and faculty, and increased use of experiential learning methods in curriculums and participation in EXL program in 3 departments.
  • Established partnerships and commitments for ongoing collaborations in experiential education between educational leadership faculty and experiential staff.

Academic Publications
Bridges on the Road to Retention: Equity in Higher Education Access?
11th Annual Social Equity Leadership Conference - Savannah, GA June 2012

Minority Colleges and Traditional Students: Persistence & Retention- A Study Proposal
14th Annual Social Equity Leadership Conference – Nashville, TN June 2015

Academic Lectures
Perennialist Education Paradigm– 30 minute lecture to graduate students
Punctuated Equilibrium Theory (PET) Upsets Incrementalism – lecture to doctoral students.
Efforts to Improve Quality, Productivity, and Management of the Public Sector – presentation to graduate students
Organizational Learning & Strategic Management: Models & Approaches  -  presentation
to graduate students.
Strategy Follows Structure – presentation to graduate students

Grid Group Cultural Factors in Societies: Roots of partisanshippresentation to graduate students.
Metro Nashville and Charter Schools – presentation to doctoral students

Organizational culture as strategy – presentation to doctoral students
Merleau-Ponty: Phenomenology of Perception - lecture to graduate students
Cigar Bar – Nolensville, TN: an Ethnography – lecture outlining qualitative research graduate students at TSU.
Metro Nashville Police and Crime Statistics: Great policing or good politics – lecture to graduate students.

Community Colleges, “Making winners out of Ordinary People”– lecture presented to graduate students.
Adult Learning Characteristics – lecture to graduate students
Recruiting Issues for the New Decade: 2010 Truly Millennial – lecture to graduate students

Social Marketing and Promoting efforts of Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department: an Example – lecture to graduate students
Somali Culture meets American Expectations - lecture to graduate students

Practical Employment Experience
Affiliate Broker, Nashville, TN, 2005 – Current
(Real estate brokerage, serving nationally and internationally based real estate investors.)

Managing Rental Property

  • Coordinating and ensuring all aspects of leasing, rental property and tenant management.
  • Prepare property for sale at highest price and optimum conditions
  • Evaluate property for financing, lease, and sale valuation.

Advisor to Investors

  • Research Middle Tennessee and Chattanooga markets, trends, and anticipated development.
  • Source Properties and secure investments for investors.
  • Developed & Facilitated 126 individual sales, 209 rentals. – Counsel, communicate and collaborate, developing investment opportunities and successful relationships.
  • Presented seminars and educational programs to audiences ranging from 5 to 1000, resulting in individual and organizational selection of Tennessee investment opportunity. Initiated and maintained email, internet, phone, and written communications facilitating customer & client interaction.
  • Counseled and advised investors using financial projections, and organizational management plans, maintained daily communications and databases. Distributed informational and promotional material via email and social media tools.
  • Structured a recession oriented note investment business, creating 10 – 15% investment return for investors.
  • Counseled and guided distressed investors through successful divestment processes.
  • Organized first Wells Fargo partnership with Tennessee Bar Association State Convention and Williamson County Association of Realtors, resulting in consumer applications as a Reverse Mortgage Counselor, Nashville, TN 2008-2010 (simultaneous with real estate brokerage responsibilities)
  • Organized and coordinated first presentation and sponsorship of Williamson County Senior Real Estate Specialists, generating real estate agent referrals to the reverse mortgage counselors.
  • Relationship Development and networking increased middle Tennessee (20%) and Northern Alabama (25%) applications; expanding area recognition of reverse mortgages as a resource.
  • Coordinated with area nonprofit housing counselors to employ reverse mortgage as a tool to avoid foreclosure.
  • Saved thousands of dollars for lenders and applicants in avoided appraisal and counseling fees through restructuring research and advising efforts.

GMAC Mortgage,Nashville, TN, 2004 – 2005 (Subsidiary of General Motors, restructured and sold in 2005, prior to GM bankruptcy.)

Affinity Business Development Officer

  • Coordinated & scheduled seminars with companies such as Vanderbilt, CMT, Comcast, Schwan, GM dealerships, and area real estate firms generating applications, presentations, and production.
  • Presented financial and budgeting advice to affinity employees resulting in 39 completed projects.
  • Counseled clientele from a range of educational and income backgrounds in credit remediation, financing, home and investment purchases, qualifying otherwise unqualified applicants.
  • Supervised and coordinated fulfillment of educational and financing objectives for employees.

Response Mortgage Company, Portland, OR, 2003 – 2004
(A subsidiary of John L. Scott, the sixth largest independent real estate brokerage in the United States)
Internal Trainer & Loan Officer,

  • Educated new real estate sales agents, employing technology and collaborating with real estate sales manager to address agent weaknesses.
  •  Restructured agent transactions for agents replacing existing financing and resulting in completed transactions.
  • Presented educational seminars to external title, real estate agents and brokers in a tri-company shared resources partnership, correcting business practices, generating additional closings.

Wells Fargo Private Client Services, Portland, OR, 2002 – 2003
 (A specialized division of Wells Fargo focused on preferred bank customers and special relationships.)
Private Mortgage Banker

  • Developed internal company relationships generating opportunities to finance real estate for preferred and new bank customers, retaining customers and increasing bank revenues.
  • Achieved top 25%production recognition in 2002 and top 10% national recognition in 2003, serving customers in 27 states. 
  • Collaborated with group leaders; structuring and presenting workshops, seminars; counseling audiences using technology & employing evolving market and demographic data.
  • Maintained compliance and personal underwriting responsibility to $350,000 loan amount.
  • Securely maintained confidential and preferred client financial records without information breaches.
  • Facilitated service on professional organization boards and committees. Published articles in National Mortgage Broker and Oregon Mortgage Press regarding financial management and employee benefits.
  • Delivered presentations and relevant education and training, generating additional company income.

Interstate Mutual Mortgage and Loan, Portland, OR, 1998– 2002    
 (A privately owned mortgage and financial services provider, operating in four states).
 Principal and Licensee                           

  • Grew financial services company from one person and a $2000 budget to seven employees and a $100,000 budget in two years, recruiting, training, and managing employees and partners. 
  • Developed agent education opportunities, consumer seminars, and referrals, providing service to clients of varying educational and income backgrounds, resulting in additional revenues and referrals. 
  • Guided clientele in transitioning financial products after loan rejection or pending foreclosure.
  • Presented workshops and seminars, cultivating working relationships and revenue.
  • Maintained brokerage licenses in three states, securities and insurance licenses in two states, and compliance with all government regulations.
  • Cooperated with FBI in identifying mortgage fraud criminals, resulting in the conviction of five and the voluntary surrender of two real estate agent licenses.
  • Served as Oregon Association of Mortgage Professionals Ethics Board member and complaint resolution committee member, investigating and ruling on consumer complaints made to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, resolving 7 complaints and recommending prosecution for 3.

Nonacademic Publications
Four Smart Reasons to Invest in Nashville (November 2014)
Mortgage Originator Magazine – (regular contributor 2000-2002)
National Association or Mortgage Brokers (trade publication) (2000)
https://tigerpolicy.wordpress.com (blog)

Non-Academic Training, Workshops, Seminars, and Lectures Conducted
Telephone Prospecting for Employment Transition - Conducted for clients of Bernard Haldane, Career Search Firm, Portland, OR.  Day seminar and practical exercise.

  • Taught employment seekers use of telephone for sourcing employment opportunities, facilitating informational interviews, dealing with recruiters, referral sources, and projecting positive communicative attitude and effectiveness.

Opportunities for Investors and Buyers through Real Estate FinanceProvided for the Executive Officers Club of Portland and SW Washington.

  • Uses of residential home equity and access programs
  • Uses of financing to acquire and fund investment in rental properties
  • Program requirements and access points.

Telephone solicitation for Refinance Unit Provided for Employees of Wells Fargo Phoenix customer refinance retention unit, Phoenix, AZ.  2 day seminar and practical exercise.

  • Taught phone techniques to engage customers and maintain conversations with contacts.
  • Taught script preparation and personalization
  • Taught basic neuro-linguistic programming, attention management, and efforts to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Listening, pacing, and matching skills for improved engagement and communications.

Loan Originator Onboarding for New originators3 hour seminar provided to new lender – broker hires.

  • Basic communication and origination skills
  • Application completion basic requirements
  • Basic program outlines and resources
  • Legal and Ethical Issues

Sub-prime Residential Real estate Financing Options– program provided for Oregon Association of Mortgage Brokers & Oregon Mortgage Professionals Association Conventions and Northwest Mortgage Bankers Conference.

Non-Conforming Property Financing program provided to Washington Mortgage Brokers Conference, Mid-West Mortgage Brokers Conference, Utah Mortgage Brokers Conference, Arizona Mortgage Brokers Conference.

Employee Leasing advantages for Small Businesspresentation for small business owners.

  • Cash flow advantages
  • Legal and insurance advantages
  • Human resources and personnel management advantages

Basic investment and protection for small business owners – presentation for business owners.

  • Cash flow management , income protection & continuation
  • Investment strategies and risk avoidance.
  • Use of financing to leverage investment strategies
  • Financing and investment options

 Realtor Continuing Education3 hour seminar provided to Portland Area Real Estate Brokerages

  • Basic finance and credit management requirements for buyers and refinance seekers.
  • Communication and conflict management (reframing) for contacts seeking advice or service.
  • Legal issues with credit, financing, and disclosure.

Credit & Closing Issues - 1 hour seminar provided to partners of John L. Scott Real Estate Brokerage

  • Credit Issues affecting loan qualification and closing.
  • Legal, compliance, and disclosure issues.
  • Credit manipulation and credit regulation.

Consumer Credit, Finance, and Investing 2 hour seminar provided to community groups.

  • Basic credit reporting regulations, law, and effects.
  • Basic credit management and protection.
  • Basic investing nomenclature and concepts.
  • Basic mortgage and home financing nomenclature and concepts.

Organizational Benefits through Wells Fargo and GMAC (2 separate 45 minute programs promoting benefits through each company services).

Senior Finance Options2 hour presentation to professional groups and consumers.

How a Reverse Mortgage Worksthe Bank Does NOT Take the House! – 30-45 minute presentation to consumers

Residential Real Estate Investment15 to 45 minute presentation - Presented to investment club audiences ranging from 10 – 1000 in various Colorado and California meeting locations.

The Cigar Bar: example of poor public / civic administration – citizen advocacy presentation to citizens and graduate students

Undergraduate Internships Completed

Recruiter – Omni-Quest Recruiting and Executive Search - Denver, CO

  • Recruiting, sourcing qualified candidates with company contacts and hiring authorities.
  • Internal Interviewing and preparing candidates, resume and Client interview preparation.
  • Experience resulted in real world education into politics of hiring, candidate selection, and relationships to human resources organizations.

 Counselor - Mortgage Plus, Inc. – Denver, CO

  • Maintained top 20% company production status.
  • Initiative resulted in recruitment to Wells Fargo (Norwest) and relocation to Phoenix. 

Intern & Assistant– Office of the Lieutenant Governor, State of Colorado – Denver, CO

  • Arranged and coordinated presentation at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.
  • Served as an aide in cross state Veterans Affairs presentation.
  • Represented the Lt. Governor at minor area social and cultural events.

Military Service
US Army Reserve Medical Service Corps, 5503d US Army Hospital, Columbia, MO.
Training Officer

  • Recruited 12 collegiate women into Army nurse program, establishing recruiting at Stephens College - Spring semester 1988. 
  • Trained personnel in basic military tasks at the 5503rd US Army Hospital, resulting in unit compliance with Army requirements.
  • Maintained responsibility and security for safe weapons transportation in civilian areas.
  • Supervised and ensured safety on indoor and outdoor firing ranges, without injuries or damages.  Supervised recreation section of US Army Hospital in deployment to Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, assigning recreational equipment, efficiently, without losses or damages.

Colorado Army National Guard, 169th Field Artillery Brigade, Aurora, CO

​Forward Observer

  • Observe & communicate targets of opportunity; direct & coordinate firing; support maneuver operations. 

Brigade Staff Officer

  • Rewrote the Brigade Cold Weather training exercise guide, (excess of 900 pages), coordinating units and agencies.
  • Performed line of duty investigation of convoy accident, involving injury and property destruction.
  •  Performed monthly drug screening, resulting in some positive test results.
  • Supervised seizure of equipment for noncompliant and separating Reserve Officer.
  •  Supervised communications with command post during snow mobilization, preventing injury to civilian motorists and directing rescue efforts.

Alpha Battery, 155th Field Artillery Battalion, Greeley, CO.
Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Officer and Fire Direction Officer (FDO)

  • Updated Alpha battery NBC compliance, ensuring all personnel were adequately trained and equipped in defense of a gas attack.
  • Coordinated unit readiness and mock deployment in preparation for unit deployment to Iraq.

Assigned to IRR and Honorably Discharged as a First Lieutenant .

Organizational Membership
Tennessee Association of Public Administrators - Executive Council 2015
Williamson County Association of Realtors - General Member

Community Service
Rotary17 year member
(Rotary, a worldwide service organization, based on occupation and personal service, ethics, and honesty)
Past President & Foundation Board Treasurer Beaverton, OR Club, 2000-2001
Vice President, 1999-2000
Secretary, 1998 - 1999
Treasurer, 1997-1998
Sgt. at Arms, 1996-1997
Speakers, Community Service, and Vocational Service committees. 1995-1996, 2001-2002, 2003-2004
Chairman, Public Relations Committee, Brentwood, TN Club 2007-2008
Coordinator, Pancake Fundraiser Supply Committee 2005 -2007
Family of Rotary attendance Committee 2009 -2010
Organized Rotary Prostate Awareness Symposium in conjunction with Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) (raised $25,000 to host physicians from around United States at OHSU for 3 day conference)
Cordero House Annual Christmas Shopping Program
Salvation Army Bell & Kettle Collection
Senior Yard Clean Up - Annual
Paul Harris Fellow in 2001 and 2007.

 National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, “Christmas for Kids” toy drive 2000
Additional Training & Education
International Association of Professional Conversation Hypnotists (IAPCH), Nashville, TN 2015. Professional certification for application of conversational hypnotherapy techniques.
Rotary Ethics Workshop at Belmont University, Nashville, TN 2010.  Conducted by Henry Hollis, PhD.
Basic Grant Writing Center for Nonprofit Management, Nashville, TN 2009.  Basic grant writing guidelines and practices for non-profit organizations provided by top area grant application author.
Reverse Mortgage Training Senior Counseling, Atlanta, GA 2008.  5 day counseling course.
Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation, Franklin, TN 2008. Professional designation, in aspects of comprehensive real estate services for seniors, their families, and resources.
Real Estate Ethics and Risk Management Course, Nashville, TN 2005, updated in 2007 and 2009.  Courses in ethical and legal business practices.
Relationship Development, Las Vegas, NV 2003. Day long workshop focused on development opportunities, rapport, and referral relationship building conducted by organizational consultants. (Welles Fargo)
Sexual Harassment Awareness, Tempe, AZ 2002. Daylong awareness workshop. (Wells Fargo)
Advanced Credit Training Program, Minneapolis, MN 2002.  5 day course in mortgage credit, underwriting, appraisal review, and approval processes. (Wells Fargo)
Securities Licensing, Ethics, and Guidelines for Series 7, 63, & 66 licenses, Portland, OR 2000 & 2001. 5 day courses in all aspects of maintaining securities licensing, compliance with ethical, legal, and regulatory guidelines.
Rotary PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar) Tacoma, WA 2000 – 2 day Rotary Presidential responsibilities and challenges preparation for 2000-2001 Presidential duties.
Management Recruiters International – 5 Day course in sourcing, interviewing job candidates, Developing Job Orders and applicant seeking clients.
International Transportation Course, World Trade Center, Portland, OR.  5 day course - aspects of facilitating international shipments and commerce.
Diversity Awareness Training for Managers, Newport, OR.  Legal and personal awareness.
Hiring and Recruiting Workshop & Manager Training, Sunriver, OR.  Legal & soft skills training.
US Army Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, OK, 1990.  Six month Artillery officer training – leadership, record and equipment maintenance, fire observation, fire direction, and administrative responsibilities.

Licenses & Certifications Held
Certified Hypnotherapist (2015) International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists
Tennessee Affiliate Brokers License (2005 – Present), Senior Real Estate Services Designation
Series 6,7, 63, & 66 Securities Licenses (1999 – 2003)
Oregon Life, Accident, & Health Insurance Licenses (1999-2003)
Washington Life, Accident, & Health Insurance Licenses (1999-2003)
Oregon Mortgage Lending License (2003-2004)
Oregon Mortgage Brokers License (1996–2003)
Washington Mortgage Brokers License (1998–2003)
Idaho Mortgage Brokerage Permit (1998-2000)
Colorado Corporation Operating License (1998-2000)

Accomplishments and Recognitions
Wells Fargo Leaders Club – Top 20% National production.
Wells Fargo Presidents Club – Top 10% National Production.
Wells Fargo Regional Top Customer Service Percentage Branch Office Manager.
Top Producer Awards Conference winner.
Mortgage Broker of the Year Recognition by Long Beach Mortgage.
Aames - (One Stop) Record Breaking Production Award 110% and 103% of production goals.

Rotary Couple of the Year – Recognition of community service and my wife’s support of my service.

Additional Job Skills
Listening, written and oral communication skills • Database management, contact management & retention software • Microsoft Office Suite • Internet and social networking applications • Most coffee makers.

Problem Solver, Observant, Experienced Presenter, Oral and Written Communications, Supervisor, Coordinator, Implementer, Trainer, Promoter, Evaluator, Facilitator, Manager, Counselor, Interviewer, Researcher, Counselor, Advisor, Evaluator, Seminar and Session development, Collaborator, Cooperation facilitator, Committee work, Baseline and Benchmark development and measurement,  Administrator. Researcher, Attentive, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Sense of Humor, Strategist.


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