Fred researched:

  • Campus bridge programs and their isomorphism
  • Experiential & Adult education 
  • Adult, non-traditional, and sub-population learning and retention challenges
  • Charter school expansion in Nashville
  • Cultural conflicts - assimilation difficulties.
  • Teaching and learning styles
  • Problem solving and challenge management in bureacracy


Fred is interested in research opportunities.


This site is devoted to promoting Fred Cosgrove's interview and employment.

With a new doctoral degree, "I am not entrenched in an interest stream,but open to suggestions  and other possibilities, if they will advance department or organizational objectives".


Student persistence - Administrative behavior & organizational influences on student population's  college persistence.

College Retention efforts - effectiveness

Institutional Racism and its legacy

Governanceand Boundaries

Grid - Group & Cultural Theory


What makes regulation effective - ineffective ?

Why & how are implementations & Policies effective and why are they failing?

Bureaucracy & its influences

Policy evolution and implementation

Implementation, evaluation & measurement

Public private partnerships & privatization

Charter schools  & re-evaluating central administration of large districts

Government pension funding failure

Resource access, exchange,  and governance