​​What comes with owning and renting homes?

Here are the details and disclosure behind one investor's experience with a single family rental. Your experiences may be different. 

Antioch, TN - Built 1986, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 square feet; carpet, tile, vinyl,  - floors; wood burning fireplace; rear deck; front porch; no garage. Purchased in 2007- Professionally inspected - All aspects fully functioning and in good condition per the inspection report. 

Repairs Made :carpet (and pad) completely replaced twice

Carpet cleaned on each tenant turnover

partial floor tile replacement in 2012

gutter cleaning every year

repainted (interior) after every other tenant

replaced HVAC unit

replaced water heater (40gallon)

replaced three ceiling fans

replaced 2 bathroom surrounds

replaced 2 vanity stands & sinks

replaced bathroom vinyl floors

replaced back door

change locks with each tenant change

floor repair - 4 x4 section

replaced smoke detectors

insect treatment - 2 (inside)

carpenter bee treatment -1 (outside)

stove replaced (1)

Garbage disposal replaced (2)

Kitchen Cabinets partially replaced 

yard service and landscape (every 3 years)

replaced two sets of toilet internal pieces

replaced towel racks

replaced all window screens (1 time)

external pressure washing

2 bathroom sink faucets replaced

1 toilet replaced

i kitchen faucet replaced

2 internal door repairs

Utility costs between occupancy 

Vacancy expense between tenants and during repairs

Tree removal

Roof repairs - wind removed ridge shingles

Annual gutter cleaning

Faucet and toilet leaks and failed internal parts. 

Considerations for investment purchase

What is your strategy?

What can you tolerate?

What are you willing to risk?

What are you intending to invest?

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What makes for a solid investment area? 

How do you select a house for purchase?

How can a "passed - over" house be a great investment?

How many investors think about their exit strategy?  

This question is why people need an investment advisor. It is also a question that requires some thought and consideration to answer and structure the optimum exit. 

It IS NOT as simple, as just selling  the house or converting  the investment to cash. 

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Considerations in Real Estate Investment ​​

Selecting a Home

Why are you buying?  What is your motivation?

What are your goals for your purchase?

What is your EXIT STRATEGY?  

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How does one effectively and efficiently manage investment properties?

How does an investor select the best management company?

What is your exit strategy? - Process for selling the property with least expense and income loss.