Innovative - Creative - Effective,  are words that supervisors, references, and evaluators have used in describing Fred's approaches. Fred brings thought diversity to an organization.

Fred brings ability and experience for community & industry engagement development.

 Fred can  think about achieving an objective differently than most other people will consider the task. Here are some examples:

  • Hired contract originators from other backgrounds than in peer offices, resulting in greater production, customer service, and market coverage than in other offices.
  • Approached contacting potential clients differently, resulting in greater responses and substantially more activity.
  • Restructured staff work processes, to improve efficiency, introduce cross training, and provide work flexibility.
  • Changed service practices to provide borrowers with greater equity, lower rates and fees.
  • Used alternative underwriting and submission practices to improve service to borrowers.
  • Found alternative information sources to save institutions and consumers thousands of dollars. 
  • Targeted new and ignored audiences to promote messages and goals.

Strategic Partnerships & Strategic Engagement planning

Industry & Community Engagementfor the University 

Developing Experiential Education programs & infrastructure

Fred represents a progressively responsible background in the business environment combined with six years of University experience. Much of his resume describes initiating contact, building opportunities, and bridging gaps. These are the skills necessary to build private & community engagement with the University's programs and interests. Demonstrated ability with large organizations, varying constituencies, strong interpersonal written & verbal communication skills enable Fred to work with Chambers of Commerce, Regional governance & development organizations, organizations in business and industry to engage with colleges, internships, experiential education, recruiting, research & development, business incubation and expansion; to involve the college and its students; ultimately benefitting advancement and college programs.


Fred has a  Master's in Higher Education Administration, and is completing his Doctorate in Public Administration, providing him with an understanding of Campus politics and processes. He worked with projects at MTSU involving staff, faculty, and research, and innovation; providing Fred practical experience in introducing change and building consensus with campus stakeholders. Later Fred worked with projects at the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), interacting with administrators and faculty across Tennessee's state and community colleges for project completion. Fred worked in business for nearly twenty years. The two experience streams serve well in advancing industry & community engagement or developing experiential education programs.

Fred'sStrengths & Competencies What Fred offers.

Fred's first formal organizational leadership textbook. A base for learning and building.

This links to Bruce Benson's (CUPresident) Op-ed in theWall Street Journal, describing the urgency for higher education to adopt a business mindsetFRED bringsbusiness mindset to a position.

  • Attentive listener, creative thinker, innovative problem solver, rapport builder.

Accustomed to working under deadlines, time constraints, pressure, and volatile situations.

  • Seeks cooperative and collaborative buy in & discussion - for challenging management and  problem resolution.

Addresses challenges with reason and rational management efforts.

  • Advisor & counselor; clarifying issues, processes, options, and outcomes to constituents.

Persuasive advocate for successful outcomes and processes.

  • Interacts competently & motivating to diverse populations.

Effective oral and written communicator, presenter, teacher- trainer and power-point user.

  • Seasoned internet navigator - communication, data access and research.

Initiativetaker, independent self tasked manage & outcome focused.

  • Responsible; focusing on situation, problem, and challenge analysis & resolution.

Data interpretive; focused on identifying how processes work and can be resolved.

  • Experienced manager; supervising personnel, delegating assignments & authority – retaining responsibility & duty.

Developer : Training materials, operating procedures, performance scripts, and guidelines.

  • Coordinator and collaborator with partners, staff, resource, and service providers.

Multiple task manager simultaneously bringing projects to successful completion.

  • Maintaining performance and objective focus in stressful, pressured, and volatile situations.

Maintains regularity, compliance, accountability and confidential information security.

  • Maintains files, process, research, and necessary records and accountability.

Supports processes; legal, investigative, authoritative, and collaborative efforts.

  • Operates personal computer, related software, media, and internet applications

Fredisparticularly focused on student persistence, retention, organizational, administrative, boundary, and governance scholarship.

Organizational leaders want to know if a candidate :

CAN DO the job,

WILL DO the job,

WILL FIT into the organization.

These are the questions employers and candidates have to wrestle in the interview.

Strategic Engagement Partnership Planning

  • Community & Industry engagement
  • Targeting Business, Corporations, Chambers of Commerce & Regional Development and Governance
  • Increasing campus recruiting, graduate & alumni employment
  • Continuing education (CE)
  • Regional and Targeted Business outreach
  • Engaging Research & Development
  • Ongoing and Targeted Organizational Education Opportunities
  • Opportunities & Synergy with Private & Regional Organizations
  • Experiential Education Development
  • Internship & Cooperative Education Opportunity




What is behind these labels

  • Fred approaches his work with the idea that Objectives are developed with purpose and intention. When objectives are actually sought, then tasks and timelines, along with performance metrics must be employed for realizing the objectives.  
  • Boundaries for performing the tasks have to be questioned and evaluated. 
  • Pre-conceptions and definitions ought to be questioned
  • Practices, isomorphism, and assumptions should be questioned
  • Motivations and values should be reviewed to reveal why one set of actions is valued over another.

​​Thinking about these items does not require much time or cost, just questions posed and boundaries reconsidered. Fred finds that much of accomplishing a task, is simply getting people to stop and reflect on what is being asked, and reconsider the options for performance.

Diversity is a range of difference. Thinking differently is a form of diversity, perhaps the most important diversity necessary, if your mission involves solving problems and meeting objectives.

Resource materials Fred accessed in honing leadership & collaborative practices