He was snake bitten twice  in his youth.

 He narrowly avoided lightning strikes at the south rim of the Grand Canyon and at Fort Riley, KS. 

He was trapped in a tornado in 2011

Fred witnessed 2 Giraffes fighting 

Prevented George W. Bush's niece & nephew from drowning while their mother phoned George HW Bush.

Refinanced 2 governors, a comedian, a NBA basketball star, & Hollywood producer, among others.

Talked politics with Vincent Bugliosi one afternoon

Fred guided clients through mediation in the Washington county court system on 2 occasions. 

He drafted a cold weather survival training exercise for an Artillery Brigade.

Fred dodged bullets from an M-16 & endured an artillery barrage, was subjected to teargas, & survived a blow to his vehicle.

He Climbed and descended Pike's Peak

Interrupted (inadvertantly) Ronald Reagan's motorcade in a Ford Granada (no arrest), as a teenager.

Fred & Arsenio Hall exchanged insults in front of 100 people (it was comedic)

He updated the Colorado National Guard Unit emergency response plan for aiding the state in an emergency.

Coast Guard rescue saved Fred from hypothermia in the  Columbia River. 

He  worked 36 hours straight to approve and close a home loan purchase.

Fred was the youngest Rotarian in Beaverton Oregon from 1995 -1999 and the youngest Wells Fargo Vice President in the Northwest Region.

Wearing pajamas, Fred climbed to a second story in sub zero temperatures to regain entry to a house.  

​Fred Completed basic training during the worst drought and heat conditions of record at Fort Jackson.

Fred set loan production record for highest loan production at Aames/One Stop Mortgage in 1997.

Fred shuttled an Army General to Annapolis nightclubs and bars as an official assignment

Fred detoured unintentionally into  a rough area of Baltimore at night while driving a Lieutenant General & his wife and a Lieutenant Governor to a scheduled appearance. 

Once Completed a home loan for more than a million dollars from an application completed on a paper napkin.

He contributed to one VA investigation and two FBI investigations, leading to arrests and convictions 

Cosgrove financed or insured immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, India, Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Mexico, Canada, and the South Pacific.

Fred was subjected to a "body art" show, a Frank Sinatra homage, and an ode to Stephen Spielberg ( different clients) in loan applications.

Fred dislocated a shoulder and tore a ligament skiing on two separate occasions

He skied in a device designed for paraplegic and amputee skiers

Fred refinanced a house for Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky II

Fred  performed aerobatic maneuvers in a Cessna

Fred survived 2 days without food in rural Wyoming.

He Exceeded goals for recruiting nurse candidates from Stephens CollegeStephens College into an Army education program.

Cleaned a septic tank while wearing a suit, on a 110 degree afternoon to close a loan on time.

He defended supervisor from attack with a necktie and two hole punch.

Fred discovered 500 year old graffiti in New Mexico and 200 year old graffiti left by civil war era settlers in Arizona.

He avoided injuries in an Oregon Rockslide that sent others to emergency surgery.

Fred mobilized twice for Iraq deployment

He saw the San Bernadino Mountians, Golden Gate Bridge, Presidio, Alamo & Riverwalk, Space Shuttle, a covert Russian military mission, the St. Louis Arch, Las Vegas Strip, Antelope Canyon Arizona, and Padre Island all in one Spring Break.

Fred has no tattoos.

 I bring an advantage to managing higher education roles due to my practical experience. In my career experience, my income depended on my job performance & accountability. I was not compensated unless my work was satisfactory; and completed in a limited and often pressured time limitation.

My favorite book in high school was Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas (2nd edition) by James L. Adams.

Economics fascinated me in college.  I earned an Army commission. I worked my way through college without aid or student loans. The higher education environment energized me - I wanted to remain, but my internships and lack of sufficient income dictated I pursue greater material rewards beyond the campus.

 Administration was my initial career intention, but the realities of mortgage income distracted me from that pursuit. I entertained an early retirement strategy and worked toward that goal until 1994, when market adjustments defeated my plan, throwing me off track. The mortgage production experience was invigorating & insightful, instilling a strong work ethic; a powerful benefit to joining a public organization.  Independently driven, increasingly challenging, pressured, and competitive roles taught me to be productive as a collaborator, even without the corporate structure, shifting collaborations as the environment changes. 

I sought the PhD. in Public Administration, with the idea the course of study provided the most comprehensive basis for work in higher education or public organization management and service. I had already earned a Master's in Education , Higher Education Administration, which research suggested was necessary higher education roles. While completing my Master's, I undertook practical efforts advancing experiential education and effective education, converting communication formats, and developing bridge program best practices to serve under-served and under-represented populations. The combination of these experiences urged me to pursue the doctorate. 

I researched higher education fundraising, under-served population support  in higher education,  higher education administration practices and conflicts due to acculturization and cultural & institutional  adaptation .  I am seeking opportunities to work in higher education, research,  or public administration.

Fred built these webpages in a virtual networking effort. The idea is to reach potential networking contacts, people who are either looking for a solution or who know of someone else seeking a solution. If these contacts respond to Fred, they can engage in a discussion about the challenge and benefit each other. 

Fred and others like him face difficulties uncovering opportunities. Most transitions (86% according to Richard Bolles in What Color is Your Parachute) are made through connections with other people - not through internet job postings or advertised positions. 

Tennessee is not as rich in government, education, research, and non-profit opportunities as other states. Fred accepts that relocation is likely inevitable, but finds it impossible to pursue every potential lead development strategy in all potential markets with the potential organizations - there simply is not enough time. 

These webpages provide one central location for potential referral sources to encounter Fred, much as they might in an ordinary networking situation; scanning information in the same way they might hear something interesting in a conversation. The website provides a stage for them to send others to consider Fred' s characteristics and potentially contact him to evaluate him in a conversation. Additionally, the website contains a wealth of programming that is impossible to email to thousands of potential contacts. Attachments are not effective, as they require too much effort to view - even if they weren't feared as a potential security challenge.

We welcome your comments. Fred welcomes your responses, if for no other reason, than to know someone actually saw this material.


 Interviewing is like selling, - more of an art than a science. Studies and experience convey that  selection of a candidate is most often based on the interviewer's feelings (often influenced by other things like their mood or environment during the interview) or personal instinct.  This reality challenges us in selecting  staff, because often we have to act outside  our comfort zones in selecting the most optimal personnel.

Personal Information : I am a husband & father of two college bound kids, a son and a daughter.I am the son of a retired father living in Southwest Colorado. I am a conservator for a centenarian (plus) Aunt. 

My primary hobby is reading - innovative thinking in: sociology, history, psychology, political science, religious history, philosophy, management, economics; memoirs, novels, essays, and assorted fictional authors. I  hike, follow college football, travel, tinker in the garage, grill & barbecue,ski, tour ruins and museums, raise bamboo, and drive convertibles.My favorite relaxation is (gulf) beach-side.

I enjoy speaking, lecturing, presenting and researching. Learning is the base for everything that is fun for  me.

Legal Disclosure:

I 've never been arrested, indicted, or convicted of any crime. I have no recognized disabilities. I am not a protected class veteran, and I identify as an American Indian, although the Federal government does not fully recognize my claim or tribal affiliation. I am a citizen, registered with the selective service, and legally able to work in the United States without sponsorship. 

About...Fred Cosgrove... (INTERVIEW him!)

Comments by Fred regarding his history and interest in working in your organization.

I recognize that my personal profile is different than many applicants.  I have private sector background and experiences; which taught me to integrate into an organization, drive myself in meeting goals, to collaborate, to appreciate diversity and exercise creativity. Resilience (flexibility & adaptability) is a significant value. I don't fit any stereotype. I was never obsessed with money or profit, but I value equity, efficiency, and economy (public administration's primary values) and ethical behavior.

Fred's Blog: https://tigerpolicy.wordpress.com